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Opening up opportunities in the global energy transition

With HSBC Asset Management, access resilient and growing private companies that have the potential to generate long-term sustainable outcomes for investors, societies, and the planet.

Transition investment – by the numbers

USD 1.7 trillion estimated spend on clean energy in 2023.*
USD 1.70 spent on clean energy for every 1 USD spent on fossil fuels in 2023.*
USD 194 trillion of investment required to reach global net zero targets by 2050**.

Sources: *IEA, 2023. **BloombergNEF Research, 2023.

Zeroing in on the transition to clean energy

Investing in energy transition infrastructure is important to combating climate change, creating jobs, and securing energy independence.

Right now, transition infrastructure may be at the beginning of a long-term investment cycle, providing you the opportunity to invest in the transition. Infrastructure can offer investors immediate access to potentially stable and resilient cash flows and a natural hedge against inflation.


Energy transition infrastructure – a regional answer to a global issue

Invest in the transition

To help you capture and maximise the potential upside of the transition to a lower carbon world, we provide a range of innovative investment solutions spanning regions, sectors, and markets.

Explore our strategies

Our infrastructure equities strategies
Our infrastructure equity strategies
aim to generate long-term total returns from listed and unlisted infrastructure, with a focus on utilities, energy infrastructure, transportation, and communications.
Our infrastructure debt strategies
Our infrastructure debt strategies
aim for predictable returns and an illiquidity premium while seeking to reduce credit risk.
Our climate technology strategy
Our climate technology strategy
focuses on early stage companies working on the transition to a net zero economy across power transformation, transport electrification, and supply chain sustainability.
Our natural capital strategies
Our natural capital strategies
focus on large scale, nature friendly investments across sustainable forestry, water, land management, carbon-based projects, and biodiversity.


Let us open up a world of transition investment opportunities for you.

Key Risks

Risk Considerations. There is no assurance that a portfolio will achieve its investment objective or will work under all market conditions. The value of investments may go down as well as up and you may not get back the amount originally invested. Portfolios may be subject to certain additional risks, which should be considered carefully along with their investment objectives and fees.

  • Illiquidity: An investment in alternatives is a long term illiquid investment. By their nature, the alternatives’ investments will not generally be exchange traded. These investments will be illiquid
  • Long term horizon: Investors should expect to be locked-in for the full term of the investment
  • Economic conditions: The economic cycle and prevailing interest rates will impact the attractiveness of the underlying investments. Economic activity and sentiment also impacts the performance of underlying companies, and will have a direct bearing on the ability of companies to keep up with interest and principal repayments
  • Valuation: These investments may have no or a limited liquid market, and other investments including those in respect of loans and securities of private companies, may be based on estimates which cannot be marked to market until sale. The valuation of the underlying investments is therefore inherently opaque
  • Strategy Risk: Investments into alternatives may, among other risks, be negatively affected by adverse regulatory developments or reform, credit risk and counterparty risk. The credit market bears idiosyncratic risks such as borrower fraud, borrower bankruptcy, prepayment risk, security enforceability risk, subordination risk and lender liability risk
  • Investor’s Capital At Risk: Investors may lose the entirety of invested capital


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Detailed information for article 8 and 9 sustainable investment products, as categorised under the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR), including; description of the environmental or social characteristics or the sustainable investment objective; methodologies used to assess, measure and monitor the environmental or social characteristics and the impact of the selected sustainable investments and; objectives and benchmark information, can be found at:

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