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From where we stand, we see what shapes the changing world

Our global network of people, capital and ideas work around the clock to help investors grow and protect their assets. We strive to anticipate and evaluate global market trends that may impact client objectives.

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Video: Together we thrive

From where we stand we see that growth markets will help everyone else rise to new heights. We see the diversity on the top floor makes a difference to the bottom line.

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Connectivity matters

Just as the digital cables on the ocean floor have become indispensably important to our communication age, the ability to access growth opportunities worldwide is essential for meeting investors’ objectives. Our Global Strategy Portfolios help your clients do just that, cost-effectively.

Intelligent fishing

Computers can monitor the fish population, helping to make fishing sustainable. Investment choices can also be made sustainable. Our multi-asset portfolios are managed to different levels of volatility, so that investors are not left out in the open sea.

In a world driven by ideas

New trade innovations such as blockchain could generate an additional USD1 trillion in global trade. Our investors can reap returns from market developments without taking on more risk as we constantly change the portfolio’s asset allocation for its profile to remain the same.

China in an AI pole position

The development of artificial intelligence (AI) in car navigation will feed off data of 244 million Chinese drivers on the road every day. Our experts look at financial data and beyond to understand AI and what it means for investors.

Carbon and the next industrial revolution

Carbon-based materials such as graphene have the potential to revolutionise everything from water purification to charging electric cars. Our experts look at financial data and beyond to identify the latest trends in responsible investment.