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HSBC Asset Management for financial intermediaries

Your clients look to you to protect their wealth, and where possible provide income or growth – all in a tax-transparent manner. We can support you by providing relevant and innovative investment solutions, which match the important themes of today.

These investment solutions can be active or passive and are available in all major jurisdictions. Our specialist investment teams manage them using a structured and disciplined investment approach, a consistent global governance process and a focus on liquidity.

You can be confident in the robustness of our strategies and funds, whether you are advising clients with their investments, investing on their behalf within a mandate, or selecting an investment on your fund platform for other advisers or direct investors.

Our thematic approach

Megatrends - Structural themes (5+ years) with a wider reach than investments alone:

  • Asia-Central: Asia is an essential engine of global growth, but allocations in global portfolios have yet to match the Region’s ascendance
  • Responsible investment for sustainable returns

Industry themes - Medium-term themes (3+ years) driving change in the industry:

  • Regulatory change, e.g. MiFID II, Basel III
  • The growth of passive investing
  • The growth of factor and smart beta strategies
  • Innovation and disruption, from robo-advice to the potential of blockchain

Investment themes - Shorter-term themes (6-18 months) investors are looking at now:

  • Lower for longer: For income investors / For growth investors
  • Relative valuations: there’s more to go for
  • Time to be more responsible

To find out more about our thoughts and approach to a particular theme, contact us to discuss.