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HSBC Global Managed Portfolio Service

A cost-efficient, globally diversified managed portfolio service from a highly experienced team.

Our philosophy

Offering ‘global reach’ is one thing, but what does that really mean for financial advisers in the UK? When you work with HSBC, it means investment experts based locally – in key locations throughout the world – so nothing gets lost in translation.

Local expertise makes it easier for us to discover potential opportunities. It also means there are fewer constraints in bringing you and your clients quality ideas. Plus, our considerable resources give us the buying power to deliver these opportunities more cost-effectively.

Your clients can choose from one of five globally diversified managed portfolios – each intended for a different risk profile. And since you don’t need to worry about managing portfolios or rebalancing asset allocation, you can focus your attention on your clients and attracting new business. We know you value your freedom – to offer your clients the best service, grow your business and take advantage of opportunities when they arise. The HSBC Global Managed Portfolio Service is designed specifically to help you to do just that.

Why choose the HSBC Global Managed Portfolio Service?


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  • One of the lowest cost actively managed model portfolio services on the market
  • Globally diversified to balance fluctuating asset prices
  • Transparent charges, fees and underlying holdings
  • Performance-driven by a highly experienced team
  • Proven institutional investment processes from a world-leading asset manager
  • Service-driven with access to regional specialists as well as comprehensive insights and materials
 Watch the video about Risk


Consider how understanding financial risk can help you reach your investment goals, from the impact of inflation on your cash savings to spreading your investments across different markets.

 Watch the video about HSBC's Global Heritage

HSBC’s Global Heritage

Find out why retail investors get the same level of investment expertise as corporate clients.

 Watch the video about Costs and Transparency

Costs and Transparency

See how the Global Managed Portfolio Service offers a transparent and highly cost-efficient diversified access to global markets.

The value of an investment in the portfolios and any income from them can go down as well as up and as with any investment you may not receive back the amount originally invested.

Please note that the Synaptic ratings have been rounded.

Defaqto Risk Ratings as at 21 January 2019.